A history of Bonnet ...

But "LBF": What is the French Bonnet?

It is a line of colorful fashion accessories made in quality wool, entirely made and knitted in France!

French manufacturing

Made by a Living Heritage Company EPV

A leather claw laser cut in the Gard (30)

100% recyclable packaging (EU)

FREE shipping from 60 € everywhere in EU !

Allow a few days to receive your French Bonnet from the day of your order. By the time your Granny rides it by hand.

Quality as the watchword!

"I am spun, knitted, and dyed in Haute Loire (43)"

“People think of me, they draw me in the Vaucluse and I design myself in France from noble materials such as extra fine merino wool. "

“I am sublimated by the LBF label engraved on leather with a laser in Remoulins in Provence. Each of my accessories has a unique and distinctive character which makes it an object of quality and exception. "

"I am both ethical and united, because I donate 5% of my sales to the association" Les Mamies du Gang "which fights against the isolation of seniors. "

"I am distributed in a multi-brand concept store, highlighting" Handmade "and" Made in France ". "

For any additional information or the desire for personalization, contact us at: contact@lebonnetfrancais.fr

The word of the creator "the Godfather"

"In a desire to undertake, differently, and sustainably, I thought about what I could offer the best to" dress "the heads of our dear French.

And here was born our Brand: GDGM => Gang Of Grandmothers. Two years later I launched our daughter brand Le Bonnet Français in crowdfunding, in 1 month we sold 170 Bonnets, Le Bonnet Français had just been born!

I'm Hugo, entrepreneur and fashion designer, native of Avignon, the City of the Popes. Cradled by my mother's sewing machine and the song of cicadas, from my earliest childhood, it is quite naturally that I was passionate about the Art of handling and taming textiles, threads and being able to express myself with!

The inspiration of my creations is largely nourished by my environment, my intuition of trends and my 

A socially responsible and united company! "

Our goal is to revitalize the image of seniors. And yes, "who said that Granny couldn't move your wardrobe?" "

Thanks to our “TRICOT SOCIAL CLUB” program in collaboration with the association “Les Mamies du Gang” we donate part of our turnover to the dressmaking grannies of the association and this money is used by members for the realization of various activities: wellness treatments, sports activities, outings, entertainment, and of course knitting!

Dressing with the French beanie means:

Support the association Les Mamies du Gang which maintains links between seniors and fights against their isolation.

Foster respect for the environment by limiting the distance between artisans.

Revitalize and support local employment, 5 SMEs and more than 30 jobs in France.

Ensure good working conditions.

Maintain an excellent artisanal know-how.

Fueling the local economy up to 98%

Made in France, real!

Need more info ?

=> ALLO the Godfather <=

See you soon !

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